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What better way to enliven any room than with your go-to soundtracks? Embrace the nostalgia as you let your memories run wild with all-time classic vinyl, or get entranced in spectacular musical storytelling by some of the best artists of all time. Stay up to date with all things music, with everything from highly-anticipated albums to timeless classics that always deserve a place in your collection. Don’t let these albums slip under your radar, and enjoy immense lyrical creations from world-famous music icons, original soundtracks alongside new tunes from emerging artists. We’re always listening out for chart-topping tracks that will take off at your next social gathering, so be sure to see what CDs, vinyl records, and other musical essentials will make up your band.

Whatever genre gets you moving, explore a range of music from pop and jazz to K-pop , hip-hop , Arabic music , and so much more. Discover bestselling CDs and vinyl records that will make you want to hum along and play on a vintage turntable for an old-school kind of vibe with a fresh new edge. For budding musicians hoping to score a record deal, be inspired by the latest musical instruments, including pianos, guitars, and drums. Or showcase your talents by remixing your most loved songs with our must-have microphones and audio equipment. Perform awesome acoustic sessions in front of friends and family, tap into your vocal range like never before. We hope you’re prepared to deliver an encore!